About Us

Founded in 2006 by retired Virginia law enforcement officers, Academy of Driving is a professional driver training school based near downtown Lynchburg, Virginia, serving the City of Lynchburg, Amherst County, Appomattox County, Bedford County, and Campbell County. Each year, Academy of Driving is privileged to provide several hundred students with high-quality driver training and driver improvement clinics.

Academy of Driving, LLC is licensed by and audited annually by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles as required by law. Under Virginia law, properly licensed professional driver schools are certified to provide classroom instruction and behind-the-wheel training for students unable or unwilling to receive this education through their public or private high schools. All of our instructors are certified as Driver Education instructors by the Virginia Department of Education and licensed by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. We are proud to provide quality programs and we constantly strive to adhere to the laws and regulations governing the operation of a commercial driving school.

Our founders are members of VADETS and ADTSEA – professional associations organized to promote highway safety and establish solid standards for driver education. Ken Frederick serves on the Board of Directors for VADETS (Virginia Association for Driver Education and Traffic Safety); and also the Board of Directors of YOVASO (Youth Of VirginiA Speaking Out); a peer to peer program to allow teens to have a voice in the promotion of safe driving among their peers. Ken also serves as an instructor for Teen Driving Solutions School which is an advanced driver education program for teens and parents.

Our instructors are very experienced and well-qualified, and we are strongly committed to promoting teen safety and responsible driving. We offer a comprehensive driver’s education experience that focuses on developing skilled, conscientious drivers. Academy of Driving not only teaches students how to pass the road skills test; we also teach students how to be safe drivers.